Commercial Tenant Improvements

commercial-tenant-improvements build out design folsom sacramento californiaHave A Commercial Tenant Improvement Project? Save Time & Money With A Company That Has A Proven Track Record.

When quality matters to you and your clients then you should call Unique Builders, Inc. to build out your tenant improvements.

The image above is a recent tenant build out that was affordable, and completed on time and budget.

We only work one way and that is the right way. We will bring the same high quality workmanship and attention to detail to your office space as we do to our high end residential projects. And as always we will do it within your budget because high quality craftsmanship doesn’t have to be expensive.

We have our own crew of highly professional carpenters because most tradesmen cannot perform up to our standards. We also use the same group of sub-contractors for all of our projects for the very same reason; they know what we want. So when your business requires a work space that will impress your clients; give us a call at 916-716-2614 for a free estimate.

Unique Builders, Inc. Inc. specializes in:

  • Professional office space
  • Medical offices
  • Showrooms and warehouses
  • Jewelers
  • Music studios
  • Recording and sound rooms
  • Theaters and performance halls

Unique Builders, Inc. Inc., we are large enough that no project is too big for us to handle; yet we are still small enough so that no project is more important than yours.

Moreover, we stress good communication between our customers and our project administrators. Commercial tenant improvements firms need to maintain continuous contact with their customers so that they can decrease misunderstandings. At Unique Builders, we strive to make sure that work is flowing smoothly and in compliance with customer desires. This is exactly the reason why we stress open communication and weekly meetings which help make sure the job is on track.

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service possible whether your project is small or large. We build with the highest standards of designs and materials with latest innovations. Whether you are planning for building a restaurant or store; remodeling inside an office; any addition; redesigning a resort or clinic; constructing a mall or an office block, we’re ready and willing to assist.

From the planning and design as well as the interior design, we are there each step of the way, ensuring the results match your exact requirements and are produced promptly as well as on budget.

We offer services economically, on time, on budget and provide the results that match your exact requirements without cutting corners or using substandard material. If you have any doubts call us today at 916-716-2614.